Gratitude Counseling LLC offers three separate counseling practices all in one location. 

Gratitude Counseling LLC provides therapy options for individuals, couples and families. 

Gratitude Counseling LLC offers in-person or telehealth options for children, adolescents and adults. 

Gratitude Counseling LLC is committed to providing diverse and culturally inclusive services that promote social justice and equality.  

Therapists at Gratitude Counseling LLC provide support and clarity for a variety of issues including:

     ~Life Transitions, Development, Aging
     ~Sexual Abuse
~Sexual Health
     ~Grief and Loss
~Intellectual or Developmental Disability
 ~Severe and Persistent Mental Illness
     ~Diagnostic Assessment
     ~Divorce and Separation
~Marital and Couple's Counseling
     ~Family Therapy
     ~Individual Therapy
     ~Supervision towards Licensure
     ~Behavioral Consulting
     ~Professional Consulting
~Professional Development and Training

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